Victor Whitmill with new works at Blu Ant Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Victor Whitmill with new works at Blu Ant Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Artist Statement

Questions are generally more interesting than answers. So…I paint to raise questions. The answers aren’t the point. Being entertained by not knowing is. Depth comes from wonder. My work isn’t deep. However, viewing it might be. 

I don’t want to understand my work. Logically anyway. But optically…optically it must make sense. How can I paint something so I surprise myself? I’m not sure it’s entirely possible, but that’s what I set out to do. I’ll have an idea, but I don’t think too hard about it at first. I’ll start painting knowing that any notions I have for the final image might be sacrificed for the sake of the end result. This is not about rendering an idea. Instead, this is about evolving an image. I guide it, give it direction, but it guides me as well. The process is a relationship of sorts. Realism, abstraction, chaos, sensuality, darkness, form, texture, and rhythm are just a few of the elements that run through my mind while making an image. 

Well rendered art simply for the sake of rendering approaches pointlessness. I think pure self-expression in art is arrogant. I mention this because I often find myself guided by thoughts of what not to do. This pushes me toward the center of these extremes. There must be a balance between these opposites that can be felt and seen.

The pursuit, the wonder, the challenge, the exploration, the mystery, the questions…this is why I am an artist. If one day it all made sense to me, that would be the worst day of my life.

Creating art is to explore. If I knew where I was headed before I started, I would see no point in the journey.